Latinamerican Users!


@lpfan61 are you italian?


Who is Italian? I’m confused jajajajaja


Yes! I’m Italian! :smile: sorry if I made you confused… jajaja :grin:


Haha, it’s fine :smile:
Ciao ragazza, come va?


Hey! Do you understand my language?? :smile: :blush: ciao!


I know how to pronounce the words, and I can understand some things, but I can’t really talk haha, wish I could.
I’m a singer and where I study I have argentinian, spanish, italian, german and french songs, so they teach me the pronunciation of each language, the diction, not the language itself


Understood!so nice! :smile: as soon as I can I’ll try to talk in your language… :grin:


Ciao @lpfan61 come ti chiami?


Whoa!tu mi capisci! (You understand me!) Scusami tanto, ma preferisco non dire il mio vero nome qui… :sweat_smile: (so sorry, but I prefer to not say my real name here…) it’s not for you, it’s that I don’t know who can read these posts…


Estoy de acuerdo XD.

The same for you, sister. Someday I’ll learn Italian too.

I respect that.


Hola! ( written right??) Gracias! :blush:


¡Sí! ¡Bien hecho!


Hecho = said??? :thinking:

EDIT: searched on google… :sweat_smile:


Written perfectly!

Same here, all I really know are i colori, i giorni della settimana, i mesi dell’anno, i numeri (1-20), le stagioni dell’anno :grin:


Done. Well done! hehe


Very good! You know more than me in spanish… :rofl:

:blush: :hugs:


All thanks to my teacher and my grandma :wink: But that’s not really usefull if you can’t form a sentence hehe


Same here… don’t know grammatical rules, the spelling etc… :sweat_smile:


It’s ok! I’d said because is weird for me say " @lpfan61 " but it’s ok, no problem. Capisco solo la scrittura e poco jajaja


¡Gracias! :blush: :hugs:

No problem! Jajaja :smile: