Latins LP Fans ? Or The whole World Hey I want more friends ! greetings from Ecuador


I want more Friends !!! Nice to meet you everyone!! I´m Carolina from Ecuador :smiley: :smiley:


Hi, Carolina! I’m Jessica, from Brazil :smile:


Hi nice to meet you Jessica !! I’m glad to know about you :slight_smile:
greetings from Ecuador soldier!! :blush:


Hello my friends call me “pelucas” or other nicknames but it was my favorite.

i am from Mexico :grin:


Hello ‘Pelucas’ nice to meet you too :smiley:
greeting from Ecuador!!!


Hello Carolina, I am Raphael, and also’m from Brazil. Welcome to the forum!


thanks very much Raphael :smiley:
Nice to meet you too :smiley:
grettings :slight_smile:


Rio de Janeiro , são joão de meriti Brasil !


Hi Thiago!!! nice to meet you
grettings :smiley:


@Jessica_B Look at your friends using the forum.


Hola Carolina, yo soy Will, mis padres son Ecuatorianos pero soy de NY :smiley: bienvenida!


Hola!!! que bueno saberlo!!! Saludos y Gracias :blush: