Learning German


bis später. Until then Bitte glücklich


Well, they are definite articles and you have to learn them with the nouns

Der - male (for ex. der Tisch / the table)
Die - female (die Katze / the cat) or plural (die Kinder / the kids)
Das - it (das Auto / the car)


Quick question: I noticed in German you put some words with capital letters even in the middle of a sentence…Is there a rule to know what to put that way??


How nice to find your question @Lilyope, and the article goes with the genus/sex of the word … I will do a grammar lesson after you guys have the vocabulary done and @lpfan61 we write names and nouns with a capital letter always


All the nouns??thing nouns too? Ok… I’ll keep in mind… thanks! :hugs:


All the nouns- thing nouns too… and you are welcome dear :hugs::yellow_heart: :sunny:


Visiting the German section requires knowing German of course:

Is it me or is it actually non-resealable?



Here you’ll go :joy:


It looks like they lied :lying_face: … and we can learn that vocabulary actually:

Resealable = wiederverschliessbar
adjective - object


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How can you type it without spelling mistakes?? I think I 'll try to memorize easy words first… :flushed: :crazy_face: :muscle: :muscle:


Haha, I have German on my keyboard :crazy_face::joy:


LOL, is it normal that I know the German word and not the English one even though I learn English like 5 years longer than German? :laughing:


Also as im sure you all know, unlike English, German and other languages consist of the letters such as ä,ü,ö,ß, etc.


I am down to help out here, if anyone got a question feel free to hmu! :sunglasses:


Thanks for the help


More words to study:




Cool, so do we have students @chigokurosaki ? And would it make sense to make a grammar lesson this weekend?


Only whoever wants to be, and yes, you can set a lesson.