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Alright then I will do it on Sunday- what do you think about me doing the persons and the verbs to be and to have?


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Alright guys- here we go with our first german grammar lesson. Since every sentence has a predicate — i.e., verb, we gonna look at the three most important ones today. The predicate determines the structure of each sentence, any insights into the function and usage of verbs can help much to the understanding of the language.

The top 3 german verbs are not only words with common meanings on their own- but they also serve as auxiliary verbs in German.

  1. sein (to be)

  2. haben (to have)
    (These two are both used as auxiliary verbs in forming the perfect tenses- but this comes later in our lessons)

  3. werden (to become)
    ( is used as an auxiliary in forming the future tenses and the passive voice- but this will come later.)

A) the personal pronouns in german:

  1. I : ich ( 1. pers. singular )
  2. you : du ( 2. pers singular )
  3. he : er ( 3. pers singular male)
  4. she : sie ( 3. pers singular female)
  5. it : es ( 3. pers singular neutral )
  6. we : wir ( 1. pers. plural )
  7. you : ihr ( 2. pers. plural )
  8. they : sie ( 3. pers. plural )

The personal pronouns are all written without capital letter at their beginning. Only if a sentence starts with them or if they are used as salutation - then they start with capital letter. The third person singular is always the same for all three sexes)

B) Declination
Ich bin
Du bist
Er/sie/es ist
Wir sind
Ihr seid
Wir sind

Ich habe
Du hast
Er/sie/es hat
Wir haben
Ihr habt
Wir haben

Ich werde
Du wirst
Er/sie/es wird
Wir werden
Ihr werdet
Wir werden

Simple past tense
Ich war
Du warst
Er/sie/es war
Wir waren
Ihr ward
Wir waren

Ich hatte
Du hattest
Er/sie/es hatte
Wir hatten
Ihr hattet
Wir hatten

Ich wurde
Du wurdest
Er/sie/es wurde
Wir wurden
Ihr wurdet
Wir wurden


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Ok, time to get the first conversation skills:

A: Hallo!
B: Wie heißt Du?
A: Ich heisse … , und wie heißt Du?
B: Mein Name ist …
A: Woher kommt Du?
B: Ich komme aus …, und (woher kommst) Du?

Complete translation:
A: Hello !
B: Hi! What’s your name ?
A: My name is … , and what’s your name?
( attention! This is not a literal translation- in german we use the verb: “heissen” to say what our name is )
B: My name is … Where are you from?
A: I come from … - and (where do )you (come from ) ?

Tomorrow we will decline the verbs from this short conversation and then I would say we do a first test? What are you guys think?


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Guys I just noticed now as I was trying to memorize them… The translation for “they” is wir or sie?? :exploding_head:



Third pers singular female she = sie

Third pers plural is they = sie

First pers plural is we = wir

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So is it a mistyping there?? because if you go back to the whole post in the declination there are 2 “wir” per verb… :sweat_smile:


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