Learning German


Aww!I did nothing…was just studying… :blush: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:


Would you like to practice with communication skills then @lpfan61?


:scream: I’m not ready! especially with the spelling… :pensive: :see_no_evil:


Lol, I can help with the basic greetings if you like, I do know them at least.


Oh ok…easy sentences please! :sweat_smile:


Hi - hallo
See you later - bis später
How are you? - wie geht es dir?
How about you? - dir?
I’m fine thanks - Es geht mir gut, danke

You can practice simple greetings like this at first to better be able to communicate, and the more you study the faster you will remember and pick up on them.


GroBartig! (have to find how to put that “weird” B… :sweat_smile: )


I don’t have it on my keyboard either, but its on the German one if you add it.


Oh ok! Danke! (again) On pc I’ll copy paste from symbols lol… :sweat_smile: on phone I’ll add it :muscle:

EDIT: I just found out that I have the “ß” under the S, while I was searching under the B… :joy: :see_no_evil: So on phone I don’t have problems writing the German characters… :smile: :muscle:


‘‘ß’’ is the same as ‘‘ss’’ - you can write ‘‘ss’’ instead of ‘‘ß’’ but not always the other way
(f. ex. die Straße (the street) is the same as die Strasse, but das Schloss (the castle) can’t be written with ‘‘ß’’)


that´s right @lpaniist, if ss or ß depends on if you pronounce the vocal infront of it long or short- short vocal deserves a “ß” long vocal a “ss” - and as for every rule we have exceptions on this


Thanks @lpaniist ! Now it’s more clear!

So it’s a rule for how to pronounce the word!


yep- or the other way round- the pronounciation leads the spelling… fits both


‘My cookie’ means mein Keks


Thank you!! :blush:

And are you new? Welcome!! :sun_with_face: :smile:


Yes I’m new, although I’ve been a LP fan for a few years now. Do you know if a LPU membership is worth it? What are the advantages? :hugs:


Hey good morning nixe to see you,

its totally worth it:

Its just 10 bucks per year (so not that expensive)

You get presale codes for tickets

You get the chance to meet and greets

and many more advantages


Yes I’ve read that but I live in Austria so there’s only a slight chance that I will ever get to meet them. Does living in a country outside of the US affect the winning chances at a contest/ sweepstake?


Dont think so, cause i dont think tjat someone from america would join a contest for germany


Yes, I know German :blush: