Learning German


Hey guys- just a reminder- this is the „learning german“ thread and not the „I‘m new here“ topic… :wink:


the milk - die Milch
the water - das Wasser
the fish - der Fisch
the chicken - das Hähnchenfleisch
the cheese - der Käse
are you thirsty? - hast du Durst?

More words to study


Ich liebe die milch :smiley:


Nick @NickGr liebt die Milch auch :blush:


Oooohhh yesss! :heart_eyes::smiley: How did i forgot! He leibe milch toooo!


Wir alles lieben die Milch :grin: :baby_bottle:


Can’t believe I forgot about this thread, sorry about that everyone.


You don’t need to be sorry. You keep teaching e on discord too :stuck_out_tongue:


hey guys i want to enroll in this school of learning German
may I?
well if you could summarize everything i missed until now for me that would be fine
thank you
i want to add this to all the languages i can use in my life


There hasn’t been much missed, but all the words listed are at the beginning of the thread in separate categories if you want to look them over.


Thank you :two_hearts: :heart:


what about the pronunciations?


There’s an app for that :joy: lol, but that’s the way I’m able to hear the pronunciation of words, try an app or Google maybe.


Memrise app


That’s what I use lol


Ik lol :joy: there will be +1 user after exams !


Schönen Tag noch :heart: :hugs:


Oh wow, this thread needs love, thanx for bringing it in @anngelenee Danke :blush::hugs:


wie geht es allen?


Guten! :smiley:

Wie geht is dir

( Was that right :sweat_smile::joy: :joy:)