Learning German


Hey guys- just a reminder- this is the „learning german“ thread and not the „I‘m new here“ topic… :wink:


the milk - die Milch
the water - das Wasser
the fish - der Fisch
the chicken - das Hähnchenfleisch
the cheese - der Käse
are you thirsty? - hast du Durst?

More words to study


Ich liebe die milch :smiley:


Nick @NickGr liebt die Milch auch :blush:


Oooohhh yesss! :heart_eyes::smiley: How did i forgot! He leibe milch toooo!


Wir alles lieben die Milch :grin: :baby_bottle:


Can’t believe I forgot about this thread, sorry about that everyone.


You don’t need to be sorry. You keep teaching e on discord too :stuck_out_tongue:


hey guys i want to enroll in this school of learning German
may I?
well if you could summarize everything i missed until now for me that would be fine
thank you
i want to add this to all the languages i can use in my life