Learning Spanish


:scream: why dear?? Here have some honey :honey_pot: :honey_pot: :honey_pot: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:


A mix of emotions today… I’ll take some of honey :hugs::hugs:


Awwww!stay strong my dear!! Loooots of sunny honey hugs to you :honey_pot: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :honey_pot:


The time is over.

The results (of the only 2 students that did the test) are:
95 points.
91 points.

Please ask @framos1792 your unicorns. We’ll see each other the next class. Congratulations girls!!


Ummmm…while in my care, they might’ve gained a little weight :hushed: but they’re working on it :sweat_smile:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Me he partido de la risa con los memes @framos1792 jajajaja buenísimo.

Ok, @lpaniist and @lpfan61, I hope you enjoy your price :wink:


Oh yes!!! I think they should give unicorns instead of marks at school :heart_eyes: :unicorn:


Yeesssss!! Like @lpaniist , but I’m not at school since loooong time… :see_no_evil:


You study at University???
I love the second one lol jajaja es genial


No…aheam …I don’t have a uni degree… I attended one for about a year and passed some exams, but I left it… :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile: and my dad was upset with me for looong time… :see_no_evil: :no_mouth:


Parents… it was your choice don’t worry … my mother always ask me why I don’t get a job as teacher :joy::joy:


Yeah,he said I was delusional… :weary: my lil battle… :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile: well times passed and now it’s all fine…


I hope so dear!!!


Thank you dear! No worries! :muscle: :blush: :hugs:


I came to give some more :hugs: :honey_pot::honeybee: :smile::joy::joy: hey! @ashesoftime take care angel! :wink::v: All will be fine don’t worry! Just stay strong :muscle:

I loved the idea!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiley::smiley::smiley:


How nice this thread becomes- so much love, feels great guys, came here to tell you that I will do my test tomorrow, I hope I am still in time?! :sweat_smile:


The time was over (3 days ago, but the matter here is that you do the test :wink: )


Alright! And sorry for being late teacher :see_no_evil:


Did you end it?