Learning Spanish


I was thinking in create a WhatsApp group where we can practice the pronunciation of the words and another things related with the pronunciation. If you like the idea send me your number via email.


Continue with the verbs:

We’re going to see 100 verbs (just the translate)
50 ending in -ar
30 ending in -er
20 ending in -ir

Feel free to conjugate them if you want.

  1. Pasar (pass)

  2. Caminar (walk)

  3. Pensar (think)

  4. Mirar (look)

  5. Buscar (search/look for)

  6. Observar (watch)

  7. Contar (count)

  8. Probar (taste/test)

  9. Hablar (speak)

  10. Escuchar (hear)

  11. Usar (use)

  12. Respirar (breathe)

  13. Sanar (heal)

  14. Terminar (end/finish)

  15. Iniciar (start)

  16. Empezar (begin)

  17. Acabar (finish)

  18. Controlar (control)

  19. Soñar (dream)

  20. Despertar (wake)

  21. Dejar (leave)

  22. Parar (stop)

  23. Desperdiciar (waste)

  24. Cantar (sing)

  25. Apreciar (appreciate)

  26. Escapar (escape)

  27. Besar (kiss)

  28. Dar (give)

  29. Tomar (take)

  30. Extrañar (miss)

  31. Importar (take care)

  32. Preguntar (ask)

  33. Olvidar (forget)

  34. Ayudar (help)

  35. Guardar (save)

  36. Recordar (remember)

  37. Crear (create)

  38. Salvar (save)

  39. Lanzar/botar (throw)

  40. Brillar (shine)

  41. Encontrar (find)

  42. Atrapar (catch)

  43. Cargar (load/carry on)

  44. Pintar (paint)

  45. Dibujar (draw)

  46. Estudiar (study)

  47. Intentar (try)

  48. Volar (fly)

  49. Atacar (attack)

  50. Ignorar (ignore)

  51. Esconder (hide)

  52. Saber (know)

  53. Caer (fall)

  54. Leer (read)

  55. Vender (sell)

  56. Ver (see)

  57. Poner (put)

  58. Conocer (meet)

  59. Hacer (do/make)

  60. Tener (have)

  61. Mantener (keep/hold)

  62. Haber (have)

  63. Pretender (pretend)

  64. Beber (drink)

  65. Joder (f*ck)

  66. Deshacer (undo)

  67. Fallecer (pass away)

  68. Desaparecer (disappear)

  69. Parecer (seem)

  70. Componer (compose)

  71. Entender (understand)

  72. Comer (eat)

  73. Perder (lose)

  74. Oponer (oppose)

  75. Obedecer (obey)

  76. Querer (want)

  77. Correr (run)

  78. Aparecer (appear)

  79. Encender (turn on)

  80. Entretener (entertain)

  81. Vivir (live)

  82. Decir (say)

  83. Ir (go)

  84. Mentir (lie)

  85. Hundir (sink)

  86. Huir (run away)

  87. Reír (laugh)

  88. Sonreír (smile)

  89. Fingir (fake)

  90. Conducir (drive)

  91. Sufrir (suffer)

  92. Rendir (surrender)

  93. Escribir (write)

  94. Sentir (feel)

  95. Seguir (keep)

  96. Confundir (confuse)

  97. Describir (describe)

  98. Despedir (fire up)

  99. Unir (match)

  100. Morir (die)

Write 25 sentences using the previous verbs in Spanish and English.


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A good to do it is write what you want to say in your maternal language. Then
in English, then in Spanish.

il banbino lee el menu (I know I wrote something bad, sorry)
The boy reads the menu.
El niño lee el menú.

Or so. Easy sentences. I have to go. When I come back I’ll give some tricks to do this.


Are you trying to write in Italian?? Then it’s: Il bambino legge il menù. :blush:

I’ll follow your tricks!! :star_struck:


I’m trying jaja.

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The facility of the Spanish is we can “delete” the personal pronoun and the sentence is still being understanding.

She runs fast.

In Spanish we can say this in two way:
Ella corre rápido.

Corre rápido.

For using the second form is necessary to clarify in a previous sentence who/what we are talking about.

Other way to write short sentences is:
Using a verb conjugated.


Verb: caminar (to walk)
Time (conjugation): futuro (future)
Personal pronoun: yo (I)

Then, its translate to English is:
I will walk.

It easy once you get the verbal conjugation.

A question to @lpaniist and @lpfan61:
Do you want to continue learning how to conjugate verbs or see other theme?


Other theme?whyyy?? :exploding_head: In my opinion it’s better to stay on the verbs for now…I need a bit more time to memorize all the forms… :sweat_smile: and anyway that’s what we need to make a sentence… :muscle: :blush:


Alright! I’ll try to upload the conjugation of some verbs to help you. Remember we’re using just the past, present and future.

And maybe later I’ll upload a second exercise where you need to read a paragraph and underline the verbs.


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@IronSoldier16 I did my exercise! :see_no_evil: :muscle: :muscle:

Write 25 sentences using the previous verbs in Spanish and English.

  1. Yo caminé en la yerda.
    I walked on the grass.
  2. Francisco mira un hermoso cielo estrellato.
    Francisco look at a beautiful starry sky.
  3. Manuel pensará de escribir un libro.
    Manuel will think to write another book.
  4. Yo buscaba un unicornio.
    I found a unicorn.
  5. Cuenta fino a ciento.
    Count to a hundred.
  6. Nosotros hablámos el español.
    We speak Spanish.
  7. Maria usa el lápiz.
    Maria use the pencil.
  8. Victor empezaba el Universidad.
    Victor began the University.
  9. El sol brilla.
    The sun shines.
  10. El coche paraba.
    The car stopped.
  11. Pregunta a la maestra.
    Ask to the teacher.
  12. Tú olvidabas mi numero.
    You forgot my number.
  13. Yo come mi galleta.
    I eat my cookie.
  14. Yo bebo café.
    I drink coffee.
  15. El niño corre.
    The kid runs.
  16. Diga tu nombre.
    Tell me your name.
  17. Vamos a la fiesta.
    Let’s go to the party.
  18. Yo no miento jamás.
    I never lie.
  19. Él conduce el coche.
    He drive the car.
  20. Vosotros describís la película.
    You describe the movie.
  21. El tiempo pasa.
    The time pass by.
  22. Yo tengo una rosa.
    I have a rose.
  23. La mariposa vuela.
    The butterfly flies.
  24. Nosotros estudiaremos el Español.
    We will study Spanish.
  25. Vosotros pintaréis la pared.
    You will paint the wall.


Excellent exercise! A few mistakes in the concordance, but in general it’s amazing! I’ll send you (in WA) the corrections :wink:


I’m sorry I’m late @IronSoldier16 , I didn’t have much time this week… But I’ll try to do the exercise tomorrow :wink: :muscle: