Learning Spanish


I was going to asked you via WA yesterday if you want to join, also to @framos1792. I’m gonna add you now. Thanks for the interest :smile:


I’m down for it


Not sure if anyone would want to learn German as well, but here are some words and phrases I’ve wrote down, sorry if some are missing or the words are small


I sounds like I’m choking every other syllable when I try to pronounce them :confounded:
My goal with those will be to recognize the writing :grin::muscle: no way in heck that I’ll know how to pronounce without hearing someone talking in German :joy:


I imagine it will take me years before im able to pronounce well, but the writing I can pick up on easily if I see it enough. I already have most of the formal greetings and such memorized.


Guys -.-


Fue el! :point_up::sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, sorry, was just asking anyone if they were curious about it, I would make a thread if so, not post it all here. :sweat_smile:


Hey Hombre murciélago dile a tu bati-niño que se esté quieto jajaja

To be honest it is not necessary, just post them in the right one :slight_smile: I am not upset, so can leave them here :wink:


Right one? Is there already a thread for this?


To learning Germany itselft no (until I remember) but according to your intention, I’d put in “[insert totally nifty topic here]” or “RANDOM THOUGHTS THREAD: THE REUNION” or create one specific, you choice.


I think I need some spanish lessons to respond properly to @framos1792 :joy: Can you help me?


You’re doing great :yum: if you’d like though I’ll point out corrections when you do speak it :grin: I’ll race you to see who learns who’s language quicker :wink: (I have a little head start :hushed:)

He is a great teacher though! He’ll have you writing better than me in Spanish pretty soon :joy: @IronSoldier16 go slow! I want to win the race :sweat_smile:


Of course! We have a WhatsApp group to practice conversation skills, if you want we can add you there.


Jaja I can’t promise you anything.

This weekend I’ll retake the class.


But…but…you said you’d help me win bro! :disappointed_relieved: with your teaching and her smarts I don’t have a chance to win :stuck_out_tongue:
She’s very quiet but she’s cunning and picks up on stuff quickly :persevere:


Memory no found jaja well I can’t do anything else. However, @lilyope would you give me your number, please? You can send it to my email: tellezvictormanuel@outlook.com then I could tell you the things you need.


You can do it!!! :hugs:

Thank you @IronSoldier16 I just sent you my number! :blush:


Added! Thanks. I hope see you soon there.



  • It’s a word that complement or give more information.
  • In can modify a verb, an adjetive or another adverb.
  • The indicate the circumstances in which the action happens or in which the adjective is found or the other adverb it is modifying.

In Spanish we have

1. Modo (Mode)

Lentamente, rápidamente, a prisa, peor, mejor.

2. Lugar (Place)

Tiempo Absoluto: ayer, mañana, hoy, al rato, más tarde, mientras.
Tiempo Relativo: primeramente, antes, después, respectivamente, finalmente
De Frecuencia: diariamente, mensualmente, todos los días

3. Tiempo (Time)

aquí, ahí, afuera, adentro, fuera, alrededor.

4. Cantidad (Quantity)

mucho, poco, muy, demasiado, solamente, excesivamente, insuficientemente

5. Duda (Doubt)

Quizá, acaso, probablemente, tal vez, quizás.

6. Afirmación (Affirmation)

Sí, también, cierto, ciertamente.

7. Negación (Negation)

No, ni, nunca, jamás, tampoco.

This is jut a list, the definition of each one later. Also the exercise.

@lpfan61, @lpaniist, @Lilyope, @framos1792 and @ashesoftime New Class.


(oh my lovely spanish thread! Just hold on for some more months and I’ll come as a very sincere student!!!)