Learning Spanish


@IronSoldier16 estas insinuando que @framos1792 no es persona? :astonished: jajaja
Suena divertido lo del grupo, pero entre los de la facu (casi que uno por materia), el conservatorio, el de evanescence y el de one ok rock ya tengo mucho spam :sweat_smile: I think that’s more than enough hahaha
Ps: verbs in Spanish are complicated… that’s why I don’t know grammar, knowing how to read, write and speak is more than enough. We have way to many forms for each been and most we don’t even use (at least in Argentina) hahaha


It’s never enough :neutral_face:


Tell that to my students XD

no problem.


Eso eso eso de la gramatica! Fuchi a la grammatica!
Y quisiera que entraras pa que ahi tambien me defiendas de estos insultos inhumanos jajaja


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Inhumanos va? Jajaja por eso no te despido :joy:


Jajajajaja bueno, agreguenme, de última si es mucho spam los silencio en época de parciales. Mi cel es 1131205945


Naa, no es tanto, solo en algunos días está más activo que el otro.

¿Código de área?


Seria muy muy inconsiderado que nos callaras😢


Oh, cierto jajaja no suelo hablar con gente de otros países :sweat_smile: creo que sería +54 9 1131205945 el número completo


Oh. The convo has become tooooo spanish… ober my head… :open_mouth:


You haven’t seen the WA group :see_no_evil: :relieved:


I am not there yet lol. I’ll come next April. I’ve got a place fixed there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeeey!!! :star_struck: I can’t wait!

@lpaniist don’t scare her before time :wink:


Oh lol. I’ll learn Spanish and then come there if it’s like that. I’ve got a nice app readyy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s about the messages per day: around 600-800 in a normal day.




Jajajajaja I was forgetting something: now we use the audio clips more often :sweat_smile: so is more funny ask @lpfan61 she knows what I mean :wink:


?! Audio clips seems cool :joy: what do you ask ij that!


Yeah, he, Frammy and Agus talk in Spanish and we have to understand and reply back… :grin:


Atleast you understand lol.


I try to understand everything, when I don’t I just ask… :laughing: