Learning Spanish


You can always understand me :innocent:
All I say is “I’m Batman :smiling_imp::bat::bat:

Then usually agus says “liar!”
Then it’s just arguing for the next 598 messages :joy:


300 of them are emojis.
200 audios
30 arguments.
40 messages that don’t pop up at time.
The rest of any other students (or teacher.)


Giys seriously?! :joy::joy: You are doing accounting and analysis of all your replies!
Either be emoji or text… it’s all love shared together. I am waiting to join! :heart::heart:


Jajajaja no, just an estimation.


And if you don’t understand anything and have no time to check the conversations a lot, don’t worry you won’t be alone :joy: Can’t wait to see you there :grin::hugs:


Can’t wait either :joy::joy: 800+ msgs would be great! Mega flow of love :heart:


At that step, you will learn Spanish in 6 months :joy:


:joy::joy: that would be good easy learning !