🗨 Linkin Park Discord Server (Chat)


@susie88 you don’t need to leave the server when you’re not up tho


I like it. I can play my games and if I feel like chatting it can work together just fine.


Thanks for the info


Oh okie. Didn’t wanna leave the door open. :thinking: Thank you kindly for noticing my oopsies. :upside_down_face: See u in chat soon.


@intheend is a bit crazy but apart from that everyone’s nice. There are no killer bunnies on the server


Where’s the ninja?


@aaran I double dare the ninja to be there or be square! :nerd_face: Uh it’ll do his heart good. I guarantee unlimited heart :heart:️ hugs :hugs: and ear to ear smiles. Randomness permeates there…how can he NOT be there? He’s missing out! Right?! Ha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe he won’t be if crazy girl scare him off? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@aaran What you talking about Willis?! Crazy girl? Pssh :neutral_face::rofl:


Lol, well he joins and he sees a coconut tree, a ghost, a cheese, a monkey and a pot of honey… I’d back out and slowly walk away


@aaran oh no he wouldn’t. He’d be totally amused…a swaying coconut tree? Interesting he’d say and a chatter box to top it off. How very refreshing! LOL


Just a lot of honey… No name :cry:


Then why you have no name?


I dont know… I just have a command of getting dove emoji… It took away my name…and gave me numbers


I guess you may ask Jordy for help


Yeah I have taghed him in spam section… Still


Yeah @NoireXJasper new profile… Nice…


Are you… Tracking me?!! >_<

Nah kidding yep :wink: :joy:


Lol… I ain’t… What if I do… :smirk:
Kidding dude… Chill :wink:


The server got a bit of a quick touch up for a new Discord update.

Speaking of Discord updates, not sure if it’s anyone’s interest, but video calls are being added. It’s only private videos, though, so it won’t be like the old LPU chat