🗨 Linkin Park Discord Server (Chat)


There’s a new feature from Discord tho

Sorting channels and VCs.


@LPlover92 you’ll get the link on the 1st post :slightly_smiling_face:



Need more members :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly we do! The thing is mostly empty… :confused:


Is it the same as plug? Who is there?


I still don’t see the point to it. I’ll probably kill my account soon.


The only thing plug has that discord doesn’t is video. You can’t watch a video at the same time. Apart from that, discord is better in every way. But its hard to compare because plug if just for music while discord does everything else.


I will have a look today then


I mean in general, not compared to plug. I just have no use for it. Also the multiple chat thing is all over the place and unread notifications don’t go away from me despite me marking everything as read.


but all the gals having no WA are there and you can create groupchats there too, and… it´s always nice to meet @aaran there :smiley: how are you Aaran, just btw :smiley:


I just wanted to know who is in there so I know it’s safe to go and visit


I’m okay! Tired from all the revising for exams :sleeping: How’s it going?


All your friends and some new people to meet. Stop asking and visit the site :slight_smile:


My friends? @georkost and @neeksnz and @melissa320 And few more?


Maybe, I don’t know how you choice your friends… Gtg now.


Aaaaran :grinning: soo nice :sunny:️, sending power vibes and sunny hugs, the worst part it over hopefully??? Stay strong dear friend :muscle:t2: @aaran


I don’t like groups to be honest. I prefer individual contact which I have. So I won’t be joining the chat


You can pm with the soldier there. It’s not just for groups. Try it.


I will be on there today, let’s see if we can revive the chat there… :sunny:


So is there are chat room ? I’m trying to find one ??