Legend of Zelda


Yo, this is pretty much my favorite game series, except save Phantom Hourglass, maybe.

Has anyone played the new 3DS one? Is it cool?


Nothing beats Ocarina of Time!

I’ve never really appreciated the DS Zelda games. But the console games have always been superior.

Twilight Princess was dark which was cool. Skyward Sword is almost better than Ocarina. I love having control of Link’s sword.

Have you finished Skyward sword?


yeah I am with him although I did have another Zelda game where you had to collect rings… that game was awesome and I had it on my Gameboy…that went missing.


Ocarina of Time is the best one I think. I’m amazed on how much stuff they crammed into a little n64 cart, and still have the depth of mood and gameplay rivalling more focused games. I’m about to play Wind waker again, and I did just play through Twilight Princess again. I will add Majoras Mask to that list too.

Now skyward sword was a problem becaude I haven’t got a wii.

That remark about the game colecting rings made my head go to a little link wearing a blue tunic rolling across hyrule field collecting rings and jumping on people’s heads.


Love seeing a conversation about Zelda in a LP forum. :slight_smile:


Zelda is my all time favourite gameseries!

My favourites are:
-Ocarina of Time
-Majoras Mask
-Wind Waker
-A link to the past
-A link between worlds
-Twilight Princess
.Skyward Sword

I can’t wait for the new Zelda for Wii U


I’ve beaten the Link between worlds twice now. Replayed Link to the past afterwards for fun.

Grew up on the games.


A Link to the past, best one ever ! Used to play it over and over again when it got out (many many years ago :stuck_out_tongue: )


I play it since its launching. It’s fraking awesome!!!