Lemon Boobs - The Unity Of Us


Lemon Boobs

The list:
Verse 1
1 line @jabinquaken
2 line @AJ_7
3 line @gatsie

Pre-chorus: @the_termin8r

Line 1 @jabinquaken
Line 2 @theearlywalker
Line 3 @NickGr
Line 4 @acemasters

Verse 2
1 line @yolo5494
2 line @rickvanmeijel
3 line @lplovebug_Jess

Pre-chorus: @acemasters

Chorus - idk if it should be any different from the first one but if you guys want to make smth other, take parts.

Bridge - @theearlywalker

And one more chorus.
Verse 1

  • That day I had a sour look, I never hoped you look at me

@AJ_7 next line is yours.


@acemasters and @jabinquaken isn’t this supposed to be on a wikipost or something? I’m not sure if I missed something.


Yeah it is, @jabinquaken you forgot to make it a wiki.


Wiki is better yes. Pls make it a wiki.


Sorry guys. I don’t have that option, because I’m now in the “member” state. Not “regular”. I think, @acemasters or any of you could do it.


I did mention going back to the old way because the last wiki post didnt work as well


Tell you what…
Do the old way this time and we will retry the wiki way on the next one!
We also need the list order on this post so we can tag whos next without going from one post to another


granny says: lol


ok :thumbsup:


Done, guys. Now divide your parts for the choruses 2 and 3


Love :heart_eyes: my parts . ty Bro!


My dark life has finally caught up



Life gave me lemons so I’m about to make some lemonade, yup!

Pre-chorus: @the_termin8r

Chorus: Line 1 @jabinquaken


So you better man up
Coz this bittersweet lemonade’s gonna hit you like a grenade
For all the social renegades, raise your glasses of lemonade


Where the hell is this song going?


Well, it’s supposed to be about Lemon Boobs so what did you expect? Or was that a lyric line? :stuck_out_tongue:


No it wasn’t a line though it could be. lol


With a song like this I suppose, anything goes :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m lost…


@acemasters If you mean the structure, the next line is mine, which I’ll do tomorrow.

If you’re talking about sense, I’m quite lost, too. :smile:


lol, me sooo enjoying the “nonsense” veeery! :joy: