Length of time of M&G Lotteries?


As all the rest of American LPU members probably have been, I have been eagerly waiting for an announcement on when Carnivores Tour Meet and Greet lotteries go up. I found out in that email that they start next Monday at 3:00 PM PCT. As my luck would have it, I will be at work at that time!! Grr!

Does anybody know how long the lotteries last for? Does it work like there is an “x” amount of entries available for each show and when they run out they run out? Or is it more like, they last for “x” amount of days or weeks, and then only “x” amount people are chosen out of however many entries were put in? I am worried that I might not get a chance to even be in the lottery for the show I am going to.

Thank you for any responses I receive!


I think that you can enter at anytime as they pick people at random XoXoX