Let play quizmania


This what you do you have to guess what lyrics or which artist sing that song it will be A, B or C question.
you could have other play it to if you like it doesn’t matter as long as you make your own question up. you have to at least make it challenging but not too much make it at least a bit easy for everyone.

Example: you can answer this.

" Every feeling that I get but I haven’t missed you yet"

A. Figure 09 by Linkin Park
B. I hate everything all about you by Three days od Grace
C. Fine again by seether

******* ALSO MAKE YOUR OWN QUESTION OK*************


B. i hate everything about you by TDG

“Why does it feel like night today” (LP)

A. Face Inside
B. Points of Authority
C. Papercut


B. papercut

" I know the pieces fit 'cause I watch them fall alway"

A. My December by Linkin Park
B. Heathens by Twenty-one pilots
C. Schism by Tool


C. Schism by Tool

“Put on your war paint”

A. Pheonix by Fall Out Boy
B. Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones
C. Come as You Are by Nirvana


A. Pheonix by Fall out boys

" So conditioned I could never let go"

A. Breaking the habit
B. Lost in the echo
C. Crawling


B. Lost in the echo

"Love me like a suicide"
A. Let Down by DBS
B. Condemned by DBS
C. Morning After by DBS

it’s more interesting with the same band


Morning after?


Im try to figure out a lyric


it’s not morning after, lol @the_termin8r


Don’t we have a similar game somewhere… I think it’s one of Meme’s topics…


That would be B. Condemned

“You still have all of me.”

A. Numb - LP
B. What You Want - Evanescence
C. My Immortal - Evanescence


B. what you want Evanescence

" save me from nothing I’ve become"
A. fallen - Evanescence
B. my immortal - Evanescence
C. Bring me back to life - Evanescence


@pnthr C - My Immortal
@coolcat96 C - Bring Me Back To Life


" so concerned with what you think to just say what we feel inside" ( Linkin Park)

A. Don’t stay
B. From the inside
C. Hit the Floor


C. Hit the Floor

"I’ll show you the rage I’ve hidden"
A. The Devil in i - Slipknot
B. Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine
C. Dead Bodies Everywhere - Korn


@silentstagepunk its A