Let's get more views on YouTube!


Hey guys, there is a lot of videos with #LinkinPark on YouTube. But everyday I find another one, that I haven’t seen yet, with almost 0 views. Let’s share those videos, spread them into #LPFamily and raise the views.


Linkin Park Live Q&A auf Facebook from Germany -https://youtu.be/8gsqA2NKtNY


I’m trying to get Numb to 1 billion views! Can you help me with that please?


I would love to see that happen


We are on 715 million for Numb! So 1 billion views will be achievable!


Omg… Let’s do this. The best song ever and also the video has been shot in my country :czech_republic:. Great idea. @raz7


Are you on Facebook? There is a group called “Linkin Park’s Numb to a Billion Views”. If you have, join it. The views are up to date!


Ok, I’m there. :blush:


Ive just accepted you (I think). If you get chance, have a look on the pinned post. That contains everything about the group and a few rules! I’m one of the admins on there so if you need anything resolving, message me!