Let's honour Chester by getting a star named after him


I have set up a petition on change.org to the International Astronomical Union to officially get a star named after Chester. I think it would be the perfect way to memorialize him, especially considering the lyrics of One More Light. Someone as special as Chester deserves to be memorialized in a special way.
I hope you’ll all sign and share the petition.

Chester needs this star! Please help by signing her petition

Wow isnt this perfect


What an awesome thing to do.


Signed and shared, thanks, it would be a lovely memorial :star2:


I also signed and shared from :slight_smile:


Thanks ipekb. I thought so too. I’m glad you agree :slight_smile::heart:


Thank you all for the support, and for signing and sharing :heart:


yes! thanks for share it


Bumping to the top so this will be seen.


Signed! I love this!!!


Bumping up again for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.
The petition has 134 signatures right now. Let’s keep it going!
Thank you to everyone who has signed and shared so far. :heartpulse:


Wow. Nearly 200 new signatures in 24 hours. You guys are amazing! :heart:


Bumping back up for anyone who hasn’t seen this yet.


Thats a lovely idea!


Just found this and signed it instantly!!! :star_struck: This is such an amazing way to honor his memory and to show that we all really did care that his light here on earth went out way too soon :sob: It would be nice to see a light shinning down in his name while he is singing his beautiful voice with the angels in heaven now :joy:


Already signed few days ago! Thanks for sharing


We’re at just over 1100 signatures now. Let’s keep it going! :grinning:


Bumping again for anyone who hasn’t seen this yet. :smiley:


Even got my friends to sign :grin:


bumping again for anyone who hasn’t seen this yet. We’re at just over 1300 signatures now. Let’s keep it going. :slight_smile: