Let's see some fan artwork! :D


So I wanted to post my first topic and I thought this would be a good one. Has anyone done any good Linkin Park fan artwork? I’m currently just finishing one off of Chester singing in ‘Numb’. I figure in our awesome LPU community there must be some good artists out there :smiley:


I drew Hybrid Theory and Meteora cover on my wall! And then Chester’s face from the video of Breaking the habit :slightly_smiling:


The same topic already exists multiple times like here. You check them all out under the Art Gallery category.


Thanks EvoOba but the link appears to be dead. LinkinSami that’s really cool! :smiley:


You must be a LPU member to access it, that’s why it’s not working for you.

Also, try to reply to someone or tag them (by adding @ before their username) cause otherwise they won’t get a notification.


@EvoOba I am a LPU member! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


It doesn’t state in your profile that you are one. It’s weird, if you can’t access the LPU only categories you should contact support.


@EvoOba How do I go about doing that may I ask?


@LinkinSami This is what I have been doing today :slight_smile:


Ask @Matt for starters. If he can’t help, email Wonderful Union.


@EvoOba Thank you! :grin:


Enjoy yourselves :slightly_smiling:


@Michael_ShamiLP Nice! :wink:


Wow! They are all great works!


Out of curiosity, what did you base the bottom drawing’s logo from?


Here’s mine hahahahaha :laughing:

Can you touch your shoulders?

@the_termin8r1 Ha ha ha that’s fantastic trololololol XD


I first drew this

then drew this under


That second link is my drawing :yum:


I draw fan-art. I have a topic where I post my work.
But now don`t have enough time to upload rest of art