Lets see what you think about this link and if you think it is true or just LP puting it out there to fool the press




I think it’s BS. Why would Chester need to dye his hair again to re-record an album? Why would they need to re-rerecord in the first place? For all we know he could just be buying the dye for his wife.


Exactly, although I’ll wish for an explicit version of High Voltage, no re-recording needed either.


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I love them for being such trolls. One fan posts a photo of C getting hair dye for whatever reason and the band starts all this. XD (though it is manufactured since the band hasn’t posted anything at all)


What’s ‘this’ ?


The rumors… though I still haven’t found where they posted the quoted stuff mentioned in the interview so it’s probably just manufactured.


This is a satirical article. The band didn’t “put anything out there”.


can be reported and closed if you wish as some seem to think they own the forum :slightly_smiling: