Let's talk about Chester


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I have started a video journal where I am talking about depression. I am trying to fight with the stigma surrounding this illness. So I am recording videos.
The one I am presenting here is my second entry. I am talking about Chester.


Great vlog! I hope that sharing these vlogs helps you cope with all this. :slightly_smiling_face:


It sort of does. But i also would like to help others with all of this. It is hard to share, but then if it will help even one person then why not?


You are right about on thing it does it matter if u are a celebrity or not depression .don’t care if u are famous or not. Going thou depression it hard to do chester was fighting with his demons and no matter what his did thay try to take hem down. He was so happy with life and his family and the band. … I’m so happy u post this video so people can understand that no matter what u going though u can talk about what on your mind . Please talk when u need it # f**k depression make chester pould