Let's talk about Xero


Before starting I want to apologize because I’m using google translator, I hope you do not bother anyone

Now, many like me are big fans of LP and its beginnings, in this case xero, beyond rumors and highly sought after live of whiskey a go go in 1997 and the demos of those times, I tell you what I found the other day:

last week I was researching xero and found that in an episode of a series Canadience 1998 called The Crow Stairway to Heaven In Chapter 20 16:15 minutes listening to a version of RHINESTONE never seen before, perhaps most interesting this is the quality of the demo, since this is higher than the Xero Casset, even it’s like demos HT 1999, also in this demo you can listen to mark wakerfield on vocals, which led me to the following questions.

— Because I xero appeared out of nowhere in that series and Lp never talk on the subject?

— If there is a version of Rhinestone voice wakerfield mark and with better quality than the xero Casset, be other demos with voice and better quality mark? (Stick n move, Fuse, readyng my eyes)

— Rhinestone That demo was recorded in the same studio where HT recorded their demos in 1999?

I would like to know your opinions and theories about it, down’ll leave the youtube link with the chapter where Rhinestone appears.

Link: https://youtu.be/UlZ015MuNYU?t=16m15s

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I’m not quite sure what you meant to say there :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure there might be another Wakefield version only the one on the 4 track tape.

The Xero demo tape was actually recorded in Mike’s bedroom at the time. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

My knowledge on this isn’t that good, but @jFar920 should be able to give you better answers as he tends to know this sort of stuff.


There’s at least 4 or 5 known versions of Forgotten demos. I would assume that if the rest of the songs were recorded at Mike’s, it was, too. At least the Xero version