Life = made! Thank you LPU Team


I cannot fully describe my appreciation to LPU for making it possible for the fans to actually meet our hero’s! Yes, I cried. Uncontrollably and looked like a grade A lunatic! But Linkin Park made my everyday bareable. From morning to night I would need to listen to LP to just be Ok. And I met them. I looked them in the eyes and was able (although at times inaudibly, from the tears) to actually Thank them personally for being them. Good grief I will never forget it and Thank you just doesn’t cover how grateful I am for the experience! But Thank you all the same!


Awe!! That’s amazing that u got to meet the guys D :blush: They are totally amazing!! I haven’t been lucky enough to meet them yet but I totally understand how u feel! Since Hybrid Theory, they’re music has defined certain periods of my life & it still does​:smile: My 3 children now love them as much as I do & believe me, if I’d been there with u meeting them, I’d have looked like an A+Grade idiot lol, I’d probably have fainted too! I’m glad u had a nice experience & as u said, it’s a memory you’ll always have. Uv met Linkin Park!!! xx


Danni is that you? lol If it is, its Lauren and i was standing next to a ‘grade A lunatic’ at last nights Meet and Greet! Awesome Awesome experience I shall never forget it. Besides crying is totally exceptable when meeting them, it was a surreal moment!


Haha! Yes Lauren! Have you seen pics!!! Lol how amazing an actual picture of hugging Chester. Nuts. Hope you’re all good! Danielle bacon on fb xx


Yes I’ve been looking! Shame there is none of us with Rob and Joe when they were signing! I’m like spaced out when Chester got to you! Ill add you on FB!