Life poem by me


Woke up today
With a smile on my face
The fear went away
And the life became brighter

The new attitude in me
Just f*ck it all and live
Stop being afraid
Stop caraing about what people will say

Take the life as it is
Take its flaws
Its beauty
And live

Go abroad
Meet new friends
Forget the ones who never cared
And live

The pain is still there
Dark thoughts are creeping on me
I will learn to fight them
And live


:heart_eyes: me like mucho :slight_smile:


I really like it


@rorybourdon I love your poem it so touching.


@rorybourdon I love it you have a gift you can write honestly some you stuff I think is better than mine I will say it again you have gift so I wish you the best of luck my friend


Nicely done my friend


I love it ! “Take life as it is / Take its flaws / It’s beauty / And live” : this is a really beautiful verse :star_struck:


Yes,that so good
I like it💖


I hate my poetry lol I wrote it when I was drunk :joy:


Stop hating it ! It’s very good !
Well you’re inspired when you’re drunk :joy: (it’s not a reason for drinking !)


Lol I just wanted to write that but couldn’t find words lol


Is this is what you call not finding words… Then what masterpieces do you write when you find them ? :joy:


I never wrote a masterpiece so I wouldn’t know :joy:


I’m sure you’ll write one soon ! I’m waiting for it !


Me too :joy: I need to be emotional and not ill.


You can frame this one too :smiley:


I hate this one :joy:


Tnawww, that’s cos you’re a dingbat! This is a positive moment - you should learn to love it, and pull it out when you are feeling like a cloudface, and use it to remember, you do experience good moments…and to treasure these moments whenever they surface :slight_smile:

Stop being a dingbat! :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah - that’s right…I just called you that TWICE!


Lol I love how you’re expressing your love and the fact you care :joy: you’re the best


Dont Wory
Good time&bed time
Everything is life
You write good :clap::+1: