Limited edition posters/litho from Honda civic tour


Anybody have pics of their cities limited edition lithograph? I’ve only been able to find pics of a few of them. I got the one at the Auburn Hills show and it’s the awsome multicolored Indian that I now have framed. Just curious if all the other cities’ lithos were as top notch, cuz the ones I did see were sweet!


Here’s all of them!



The owl one is the best[heart]


I got the last one at the Home Depot Center on the 8th. Gonna try to get it framed up this weekend and then I’ll post a pic.


[quote=Irene_]Here’s all of them!



I love some of those more than the one I bought! Most of them are pretty awesome.


Thanks a ton!


I was lucky enough to get the one for the Woodlands because I was there of course lol. I have yet to hang it up though because Im getting it professionally framed but Ive been working and just havent had the time.


I didn’t know about it yet. These posters are so cool! :smiley: