Linkin Park | 2017 Live Album "One More Light Live"


Already tried. But it still doesn’t work, uhhh.


Are you buying from the correct website? There is the American store and the European store I think


I just received an email with a download to Sharp Edges from the CD. Anyone who pre-ordered from Warner Bros. (the official Linkin Park store) should have as well, or should be soon


Its beautiful. The last words he ever sung on an album “what doesn’t kills us makes us stronger”. <3


:crazy_face: - so, I got the Sharp Edges email and d/l link - but they still won’t give me the Crawling d/l link!
Still - not long to go - and I’ll have a physical copy in my hands!


Sharp edges brings tears to my eyes! I like the album version but the live version is so amazing and beautiful! Damn I miss him so much :disappointed:


The live version should have been the album version! The thing I dislike most about the album version are the drums, they don’t add much.

Speaking of this release, I like how they added that conversation with Mike and Chester at the end. I remember that moment from the Amsterdam show. Good times…


no other webstore where u can pre order it?


Yes, I can buy it on Amazon but I can’t get the digital download…


ohh :confused:


3 days left guys !


Can’t wait to get it


It’s been awesome to listen for the first time the album all together, it’s not simple to listen to his voice, but knowing you were all with me made things more simple, as weird as a magic moment… shame on me for all the times they came in italy and i saif “next time”’, have a good night/day/morning or whatever.


This one is so bittersweet to listen to. I love it like I always loved the live concerts. But it is painful at the same time. I miss Chester so much :broken_heart:


:heart_eyes: love it and already pre saved into my spotify looking into purchasing album when this poor girl got $$$ to pay.


I only heard it once during the listening party - and it gave me goosebumps…all their live albums continue to give me goosebumps…his voice just rips me up.


okiee everybody finally got my copy and uploading to my itunes and jamming all in one. just wondering for purchasing the album does the album purchase go towards the oml fund??


Have you been able to get a copy in Israel? If not, i could get one here in California for you.


I can’t… but in November I asked Adam why Israel can’t buy it and he sent me the link for :uk: website, I paid for 2 but I still waiting for them… if you send me 2 disc, how much it cost for me?

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Mine arrived from Mordor today!
It was sent on 13/12…given it was sent via Airmail, from Aussie to NZ (normally a 3.5 hour flight), and it’s taken 17 days to get here, I’m thinking a kayak across the Tasman Sea would have actually been faster… @rorybourdon