Linkin Park | 2017 Live Album "One More Light Live"


Still nothing for me! I lost all hope


so… I’m thinking that, because it takes 6 times longer to fly to the UK, it’ll take 6 x 17 days to get to you - which means… 47 years…


Oh yes. I will just get another one. When I have money




I can buy it only from uk store and it’s 4 hours to Israel and I still don’t get it… they send it in 13/12 a I still wanting… :frowning:


i ordered mine from amazon it will come tomorrow but it looks like the one from australia will arrive in few days lol i will have two


Aside from this being Chester’s final release with the band (barring an LPU CD…?) , one of my favorite things about this album is the fact that, like with all their other live recordings, you can hear all the guitar and some of the other sounds that get lost in the album mix. I think for that reason alone, I like this album slightly more than One More Light.


Did you ever get the CDs and do you want a couple more?