Linkin Park Acoustic


Have you ever thought how would one acoustic album from Linkin Park?
Some songs would be really cool, and it would be a concert totally differently. What do you think about that? Say songs that you think would be legal. Participate in the forum!


I really wished that they would release acoustic versions of few of their songs as an LPU CD. I am still unsure if they would release one for mass, but if they can release acapellas, i think acoustic versions will really do good.


Yeah that’d be cool. I like the acoustic versions of songs they do at Summits. It’d be nice if they released like an acoustic EP with such performances.


I think this would be a great idea!


Oooh, I’ve always thought about it! To actually HEAR/LISTEN to the lyrics, cuz that’s what I love most about the songs. :slight_smile:


It’s like you read my mind! The amount of times I’ve yearned for an acoustic album is too many. I wouldn’t have a preference over which songs were made acoustic or if they just went ahead and did completely new songs-- I would be insanely thrilled if they did an acoustic album at all! Here’s to hoping for one in the future * fingers crossed*


Well, seems like they did an acoustic set at MachineShop HQ. Check their instagram… they posted a video of Mike, Brad and Chester playing LOATR.


Damn! @evooba beat me to it! Anyway here is a link to LPL’s post about it:


I just watched the short video of them playing LOATR on Machine Shop’s Instagram and they are just sat in a small room so I don’t think it’s anything that is being recorded. However, it could be a rehearsal.


These are just a few presentations that take place in special events like summit. It would be interesting an album


I also would love the see an acoustic album! Maybe, if LP don’t want to release an acoustic album, it could be an idea for the next LPU CD or something.


Been dying for this to happen… hopefully it will one day!

I believe they were recording it for some reason. Maybe an LPUTV exclusive? Would be cool and different.


It would be an honor for us to have a exclusive acoustic album to the LPU.
Not hurt to dream, and someone who knows the LPHQ read this topic hahahahh


Totally agree! Would be fun to hear songs like Castle of glass or In The End in an acoustic version. Or any song for that matter. Personally, I think an acoustic Linkin Park CD would do very well.

Maybe a bit weird, but I’m also a fan of oldskool music, as in jazzy tunes and motown stuff. I know it’s never going to happen, but I would love to hear some Linkin Park tunes in a nice smooth acoustic and jazzy version. I’ve imagined a few of theirs songs in that style and in my head it sounds awesome. Yep.


An acoustic album would be AMAZING!!! Songs like “Waiting for the End” “Castle of Glass” and “Final Masquerade” sound great when I play them on my acoustic guitar, so having official acoustic versions from LP would be absolutely fantastic!!! :smiley:


“Castle of Glass” actually has an acoustic guitar in the background. It’s VERY hard to hear, but it’s there! I’m pretty sure it starts during the first chorus or the bridge between the first chorus and second verse.


I’ve been playing Castle of Glass back and forth for a while and you’re right, I noticed the acoustic guitar in the background now.

Sometimes I imagine the song being played with a saxophone with a more jazzy vibe. Seriously, it’s surreal and funky :smile:


Brad plays the acoustic parts live anyways so :wink:


I just love that song :slight_smile:

Dangit, they should make a complete acoustic album, it would totally rock!


That’s why they released Living Things (Acapellas & Instrumentals), so that you could listen to it better :stuck_out_tongue: I like the jazz-y idea, but I was pleased with the 2 A&I albums too. It is probably the closest you can “officially” get to a Acoustic album.