Linkin park :- all songs


ha ha suckers what do u think???:joy::joy:


This is not LP. It’s Losing My Identity by Girl on Fire.


(le gaspy) you should be ashamed of yourself!!! Bad poopie!


LOL! What a flop :joy: I only needed to hear the first 2 secs to see that it’s GOF.

The idiots in the comments are even funnier. Half think it’s legit, the other half think it’s DBS :laughing:

EDIT: I’m going through the comments to see whether even one person mentioned GOF and so far the answer is no, but I saw this blithering idiot. If he ate his words he’d know that this isn’t LP :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT 2: Just finished and not a single mention lol.


LOL, the comments are so funny under fake song videos. Thankfully Siri identifies the song for us lol.


Oh, lol, I thought you listened to GOF.


No, I’ve no idea who they are :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve played them on plug a few times. They’re not bad. They only have like the 1 album.