Linkin Park All Time Favorite Song?


Hey guys I’m very new to LP Underground (even though I have been a huge fan) so I just wanted to start things with this so tell me guys what is your favorite Linkin Park song of all time ?

My favorite is :
Bleed it out

Even though all their songs are awesome [smile][smile]

What's your favorite linkin park's song

In The End + Place for my Head(becouse of amazing guit. riff )


My favorite songs are In The End & What I’ve Done


mine are what i 've done and lost in the echo…


I really don’t know. I haven’t ever thought about it. I love each song, with there lyrics and melody, songs’ mood and idea.


With You, P5hng me a*wy & Waiting For The End :slight_smile:


waiting for the end & lost in the echo…


[size=20]we already have the same thread HERE[/size] [wink]


Mine are In the End and New Divide. I think Castle of Glass will be added to that list most likely.


Can’t answer that question.


somewhere i belong and waiting for the end.


High Voltage and Part of Me are top but also When They Come For Me and Lost In The Echo


Forgotten, Papercut


From The Inside I love that song to no extent[biggrin]


Yes all of there songs are awesome!


I have two… My december and Closer to the edge. Very different songs I know XD


What I’ve Done & Faint


When They Come for Me.


With You, Lying From You,The Little Things Give You Away, Skin to Bone.


And One