Linkin Park Amino


So you know how they have the amino apps to get into communities with people who are fans of the same stuff you are? Linkin Park doesn’t have their own amino app. I thought that was pretty odd since many smaller bands have one of their own.


and therefor you create a new topic? Just to tell us this? :frowning: We usually do such feedback things in the grind gear or nifty thread… keep the forum tidy …


I don’t even know what Amino is.


Me neither :blush:


Sorry about that, I didn’t think to put that there


They are planning to launch their own LP app , but I can’t remember if it will work only for LPU members :frowning:


And still, no one knows what Amino is. A company?


Its an app that you can download and set for any kind of topic, like a community.


It’s basically a social media like network where you can communicate with people who have a shared interest in a specific topic, such as a band, a show, or a hobby. A lot of genres of music and very popular bands and artists have their own amino apps.


First time I hear about it.