Linkin Park and the Vitamin String Quartet (18 Songs | Vocals + Strings)


Hey everyone,

This is my first post here. I made an 18-song mashup of Linkin Park vocals and the Vitamin String Quartet tribute songs. I don’t think this would technically be a cover, (since I simply mixed existing tracks, with some editing), though I wasn’t sure where else on the forum to share it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Track listing:

0:00 Blackout
4:39 What I’ve Done
8:09 Crawling
11:46 Breaking The Habit
15:01 The Catalyst
20:41 One Step Closer
23:19 Burning In The Skies
27:36 Wretches And Kings
31:50 Runaway
34:58 Somewhere I Belong
38:35 Waiting For The End
42:28 Pushing Me Away
45:40 Bleed It Out
48:21 Burn It Down
52:14 Numb
55:24 In The End
59:04 New Divide
1:03:32 Shadow Of The Day


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