Linkin Park at Rock 'n' Heim 2015 - Who is going?


Hello !
I will be goin to see LP show in august in Vienna, Berlin and Rome.
I also want to add Hockenheim to the list. Is anybody else goin to Hockenheim after frequency festival in vienna because its just the next day and can be a bit tiring. I could use some company. :smile:
Cheers thanks !


Hey who also win a meet and greet with lp for this day!?:blush:


Here, visiting and got a m&g for this day :smiley:


Cool👍🏻 and where are you from?


Ich versuche mal hier mein glück…
Hat vielleicht einer gefilmt oder fotografiert als chester sein handtuch am ende des konzertes ins publikum schmiss? :blush:


This is one of the topics, they´re done, dont think, anybody is looking here cause the threat is gone, try to make a new Topic, “mb Chesterst towel pic´s searching pics fr. Rockenheim” @Thalie82 , you sure get more answers than here…good luck, jump in and see, what you get…greets :+1: