Linkin Park back in the days


Hi guys :slight_smile:

Alot of you guys keep asking me about how and was like back in 2001-2002 when they came online.

well guys… try it out :wink:

works best on since there is no logon there.


When in doubt, use the Web Archive, even though there’s a lot of broken links, or missing page information


YES!!! seriously guys, if you want to understand how epic the LPMB was back in the day, you have to look at this. i still remember some of the crazy times on those boards. there was the original “you know you’re obsessed with linkin park when…” thread, a thread about mike (whose name can’t be repeated here) that lasted until the minutes to midnight forum changeover, the battle we had with Seventeen magazine back in '02, the quotable quotes thread…so many good times!!! i was a serial lurker on the LPMB back then, and it gave me hours of entertainment haha!


Wow!!! This is cooooooooooool!!![ugeek][ugeek]


My LPMB name was the bestest

ShadowNinja with some random numbers



I liked when LP were robots that were 2343 years old.


BRING ME BACK TO 2001!!! [cry][cry][cry][cry][cry]


So cool to see it!!


Glad you guys liked it. yeah LPU was truly great back in the days. and the member really really wanted to show their support. im not saying we arent great fans now also, but we were much more active back then :slight_smile:


Same here! I have been with LPU since year 1! Can’t believe it’s 13 now.