Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit (fireplace version)


Let me introduce my big friend from Vladivostok Vitalii Kliiman! We met not so long time ago. He is also a great Linkin Park fan. And his guitar skill is beyond all wonders.
We decided to record covers together, as long as we are on board of the ship.
This is the ultimately personal song for Chester, and it’s very special for the most of Linkin Park fans.


Aaaaand…another fire-song! :smile: :fire: :fire: :star2: These fireplace versions remind me of a talk I had with @Honey8 somewhere on forum while we were daydreaming about if we could meet aaall the soldiers, make a bonfire and sit around it… now we have who can play the songs live! :blush: :star_struck:


It’s so nice to read, my friend:) Tomorrow I’ll post the cover which will suit this idea the most, I think:)


Found!! :smile:


Okay, how real is it? Maybe, it is possible to pick up a neutral territory to easily get there?)


Well…for now it’s a dream…we’re all far way from each other… :sweat_smile: It would be really awesome if it’ll become real… :star_struck:


New LPU summit!


That sounds great


Wow! Great! :grinning::grinning:


Great job :grinning: