Linkin Park collectors V2.0


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GATS HK and Rebellion UK CDRS


how legitimate is this? xD


The seller look to be okay… He/she have over 2.000 singles and promos… some of the others LP promos are legitimate, so I think thes are to :slight_smile:


Hard to say, the other promos they are selling that are legitimate have nothing to do with this being fake or real. The only way to tell or get some credibility would be to listen to this so called “capital edit”. Promos that are literally cdrs with black marker on them are not desirable since they are easily reproduced by anyone.


can anyone tell me these three stickers which LPU originate?


Everything within the LPU packages is on lpcatalog. These seem to be some promo stickers available in different places and with different things (such as promo cds).


I need to buy everything new. I was robbed. I’m going to buy everything new. but it will take a long time until I have everything back


ok thanks…i can’t see the lpu1 sticker in lpcatolog…and missing some flyer in the packages :wink:


I don’t have the one in the top right, but I have the other two. I think they may have come with that LPU shirt that was a remake of the old school Linkin Park shirt


all stickers are legit… the top right promoted LP around the time of LIT and the BTH single in 2003/4


I never really gave a thought about whether stickers were legit or not lol. Mostly the CD’s I was always curious about them. Though nowadays there’s plenty of these “Promo sellers” who want to make a quick buck off homemade stuff. I guess we had it coming since stuff goes for so much nowadays xD


I didn’t say they are not legit. They just are some promo stickers but as far as I know not from cds.

Who the hell cares about stickers anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:


In fact I did not ask if they are legit or not
I asked if they are LPU sticker or not :smile:


Just occurred to me that im up to 900 total items…1000 here i come!!!


Mall Soundtrack CD is now available for pre-order at CDJapan … and does not include bonus track, damn.(?)


Hey guys! I’ve been looking for the Grey Daze cds since a while now but they’re really hard to find, or at least i still ain’t got no luck :unamused: , if someone here can tell me where to find them i’d apreciatte the help.


Try ebay, they show up from time to time


My LPUnderground’s Collection! Finally I have them all :smile:

I miss them:

LPU6 Tour Edition
LPU9 Vinyl


Found this finally!!!

Denmark Where’d You Go promo