Linkin Park collectors V2.0


I’m sure you have a crap ton more than I do and I didn’t even want to think about trying to fit merch in there. Can’t imagine how full that picture would be


Kinda want to see collection now :eyes:


I’d have to exclude clothing/shoes, even though I have a bunch of exclusives.


I just remembered that the Pts.Of.Athrty CD was actually from @derek


Treasures from a better time. LPST<3


Also, Jordan the way you arranged the LPU CDs sets my OCD off. Simple request: rearrange them and take the photo again thank you haha :rofl: Oh by the way, is that the extended version of The Rising Tied?


I was going to do one side 1-8 and the other be 9-16, but the plan fell apart as I realized they weren’t gonna fit around the vinyls like that, so that’s why they’re all messed up.

The Rising Tied is the bonus track one, but not the Japanese one (I think). I was looking through all the versions on LPCatalog one day and there’s one copy that has one more song, a remix of Remember the Name, I think.

The second copies of Hybrid Theory and Minutes to Midnight and the CD version of Reanimation also have bonus tracks


nice topic, this is my collection:

215 items (in this photo only 200 and only Linkin Park items, not FM, DBS or STP), with the latter, I reach 236 items :wink:


Ok I don’t think I can fit all of my collection into one picture, without it just being a giant dump of stuff.

This isn’t everything and it’s kind of scattered, this is when I knew I wouldn’t get a well organized picture of everything.

There’s still more to the right of this picture…so I gave up. Lol.


That’s awesome, I don’t even know what some of that stuff is from. The bat is even Linkin Park merch?

Same goes for your collection @zicchette, it looks awesome


The bat and ball are each 1 of 26(i think) that were a partner promo with LP & MLB.

I do not remember how they were given out originally, I bought them from other fans.




Amazing collection


Wow…and I thought I had a big collection


I’m trying to collect everything Linkin Park. Any tips?
If your wondering, my mother started collecting all of Linkin Park’s music, and handed her collection to me after A Thousand Suns. I’m currently trying to get the Underground content, Greatest Hits collection, and Collision Course while also trying to replace my original CD’s from where they where misplaced during Harvey, and my only condition is that it has to be a PHYSICAL FORMAT, cause if it’s digital I’ll end up burning it to CD’s.


LPU CDs are going to be hard to get a hold of now, especially the older ones. And to clarify, the greatest hits is Songs from the Underground, right? Because that’s the closest thing that’s ever been officially released to greatest hits


Wanted to cross check with you guys: Are the current Record Store Day Vinyls related to Linkin Park the following or am I missing one:

  1. Hybrid Theory
  2. Collision Course
  3. One More Light Live
  4. Road to Revolution



Hybrid Theory RSD 2013
Collision Course RSD 2014
Road to Revolution RSD 2016
One More Light Live RSD 2018

if you are interested there is also Fort Minor - The Rising Tied RSD 2016

of all these vinyls there is the European version and the American / Canadian version, then 8 vinyl records in all (10 if you count the fort minor)


In my efforts to collect all things LP Ubderground, I managed to accumulate three issues of the LPU5 newsletter

I also noticed a certain moderator (@derek) had his question in this issue. I wouldn’t say it was answered though, seems like Brad dodged the question entirely

I’m only missing the very first issue (the first year had multiple), LPU 7, and maybe 8? I think LPU 8 may have been digital only. I also have doubles of 2, 3, and 4 now


I have all digital versions, if you want the ones you’re missing, I’m happy to email them to you.

EDIT: Just checked my files, I have 3 issues of LPU 1. Not sure if that’s all of them or if I’m missing a couple.