Linkin Park collectors V2.0


Is there a way to verify the legitimacy of this Meteora (Gold) vinyl from eBay? I’ve noticed the seller has multiple copies of the vinyl and the pricing has fluctuated from $170-$250.


Ugh…what a disappointment. I tried like hell to get into the Newsletters since the first. When I finally do, that’s what I get… :frowning:

I don’t have any duplicates but I do have every copy.


Gold Meteora is legit but the price is a lil bit high :joy:


Honestly, I think its kind of cool. Despite your comment, you’re still here. Your comment didn’t apply to you. You can look back and see all the stuff you DIDN’T miss because you remained loyal.


I purchased my lpu1 online …is it nirmal that i dont get the issue


Don’t really know tbh. Been in the LPU since 8 so I basically got the previous newsletter via other members that were kind enough to share them with me.


Bro, that’d be great! If it’s still an open offer. I ended up letting the cat out the bag, and now my mother’s on to me.


i just gots a new crystal cloche to put my lp gundam wing in…yay


These came in the mail today, I got them off of eBay a week or so ago. The Breaking the Habit things are CDs and DVDs of Breaking the Habit, and the things below are patches.

My only guess as to why someone had some many of these is they were likely Linkin Park Street Team handouts back in the day? Maybe and older fan can shed some light on them.

I’m probably going to keep a few of each for myself, and sell off some to make a little money back, but I plan on doing a giveaway for some in the future

Edit: I don’t know what this was a reply to you @evooba, sorry. I think I had a previously typed reply to you in this topic I never sent


That’s alright. On topic, whoever that was that sure had a LOT of these BTH edition, I always see fans say they can’t find this easily.


This unfortunately probably isn’t the Breaking the Habit release you’re thinking of. The CD is just the album version of the song and the DVD is just the music video. No art book, making of, or alternate music video


Ohhhh… yeah, I thought it was that version :stuck_out_tongue:


They look pretty similar without seeing them side by side, and especially not seeing the back. This would have been a jackpot if it was a lot of the full thing


For a few seconds I thought you got the manga books as well :sweat_smile: That would have been unbelievable. This DVD is super! It really feels like you have a part of Chester. Nice grab Jordan.


Would you sell me one?


I would also be interested in buying in aprox 1 month when i have dosh


I just wanna repeat before anyone starts setting money aside for these, they are not the DVDs with the manga book and the DVD does not have the behind the scenes or alternate music video. The DVD is only the music video (not even a DVD menu) and the CD is just the song


This took all night, but here is my entire LPU collection, aside from LPU 8 and 16, because the shirts were in the wash:

Edit: And doubles I’ve accumulated by buying groups of stuff:


Wow Amazing…but iwould Love to get one


If anyone has an extra LPU 12 or 16 willing to sell, please do tell. Need to finish my LPU collection!