Linkin Park collectors V2.0


So I won an auction on eBay for some fliers and stickers and such and they arrived today. Tell me, based on this picture in the listing how many LP Underground fliers do you think there are?


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I’d say 4 fliers from what you can see on the pic.




MMM LPU flyers, I may have around 500+ of them still. They used to send us boxes upon boxes of them.


The other goodies from the auction I won with the millions of LP Underground fliers:

I won this from one of the Rising from the Ashes auctions. It’s very cool and is the first deck in my collection now. I really wish I had bought the LPU one a couple years back.

I also got to taking pictures of the two LPU years I didn’t have before, I’ll post those eventually

If you’re still planning on going to the concert in Chicago, I’ll bring you one


Still have a bunch of these sitting around the house…


I have a couple of these as well…

Oh…and boom

There’s my LPU 1-3 flyers, didn’t feel like digging for 4-6 but there are about the same amount. I used flyers as packaging materials sometimes when sending LP items.


I remember trying to collect all of these flyers when I was younger. Did they make flyers for each year of the LPU?


Hey Guys just found this Gem on ebay:

i know there once was a thread about how to now if this is fake or not…i really need your help


I’m not good with this, but I know this exists to help us figure out if it’s fake or not:

EDIT: and love your picture @DavidZinssler ! Congratulations!


Since I saw was @Woco21 to help in that description, maybe he can be of help here?

EDIT: I checked on ebay the same item and there’s a report which said it’s a fake one (it’s in italian so I won’t post here)… what to say…meantime that Will reply, be careful @DavidZinssler !


thanks for checking…so its nearly the same article?


I think it is since the pics are the same…
Ok wait…I’ll post the link…


thanks i flagged both of them


I did nothing really… :sweat_smile: :blush:


It “could” be the 2nd version of the Fake EP, of course I can confirm if it had a picture of the blue “evil baby” of it (Its a lighter blue than an authentic one). 500 Euro is way too much especially when its open. Have the prices really gone this insane? Lol, I remember when I sold an original 1999 EP for 500 Euro some years back and even then it seemed low xD.


You sold it!? Why?? :flushed:
Thanks for the reply! :smile:


Ask for better quality pictures and we’ll know right away if it’s fake or not.


I think its fake. Same article with the same photos is available in Italy


Not sure they ever went above 6