Linkin Park collectors V2.0


Yes they did :slight_smile:


Love seeing everyone’s collections! It’s good to know I’m not the only one :grin::+1:


How does someone go about getting an account on LP Catalog? I’ve been using it quite a bit lately for reference on stuff and wasn’t sure if it was a public thing or not given the referral code on sign up


Just send an email to and I’ll hook you up with a code :slight_smile: Reason for no public registration is simple: we’d like to have true collectors at lpc not some random people who have like 5 albums and that’s all. If anyone does so much as sending an email with a request he’ll get a code.


I was talking about the sign up flyers for LPU, not the CDs


When you click the CD thumbnail it shows all the items from the year, including flyers


Last one to have a flyer was LPU X. J - email sent! Welcome to LPC :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, I know I have the 7 now seeing it. I’ll have to look for the others.


Already sorting through everything and marking what I got. I actually have something that’s missing scans at the moment, the clean version of Road to Revolution from Walmart. Unfortunately I lost the DVD from it years ago so if I scanned it, it would be incomplete


LPU13 flyer? Can’t remeber where I got this one at


I have one of those too, maybe it was from Recharged? I remember getting that specific flyer because that year of LPU hadn’t even been shown off yet


Got this beauty in the mail yesterday! Found it on eBay so I was a little skeptical at first but I did a lot of research before I bought it so I hope it’s legit!


how mich did ypu pay


Comparing it to LPCatalog’s guide, it definitely looks legit

I got a bunch of stuff in the mail today too that I’ll post when I get a chance


I only paid $100 for it which I thought was a steal considering I’ve seen them go between 300-500 without being signed. LP Catalog was my source in trying to figure if it was fake or not before I bought it.


I’m not the best source for what things are worth, but I feel like anyone trying to charge $400-$500 for the reissue is overcharging by a ton


This was the first time I’ve ever seen a copy of HT ep that wasn’t an obvious fake, that was under 250. There’s a signed copy on there now going for over a thousand! Lol


Scans of RTR Walmart would be great, even without the CD! Please send them to
Also let me know what’s the # on the spine! :slight_smile:


I gotta find where my scanner is, but I will when I have a chance

Here is most of the stuff I got recently

The One Step Closer single and Faint vinyl aren’t new, I had them before but they fit with the picture. Same with the grey Minutes to Midnight, I just have that there to compare it to the black one.

The Rising Tied, A Thousand Suns, and Meteora in the second picture aren’t anything special, I just wanted them for various reasons and the person I got most of this from was selling those as well.

What I want to know is what that Reanimation photo is from, the seller couldn’t even remember. Best I could find with reverse image searches was this old fansite that has 6 different robots who all have file names of a band member:


Nice find! Love the LP JZ stencil, also curious about the reanimating pic too