Linkin Park collectors V2.0


I think they were just promo pictures made. One for each member, i received mine in one of the LPST packages if I remember correctly.


Anyone else receive their post traumatic skate decks yet?


The original deck, yes, the newer ones, no. They shipped though


Unless they just copied the description from the picture disc listing not realizing there was a difference, I’m pretty sure this is a new release. I don’t think any Minutes to Midnight vinyls had No Roads Left prior to the picture disc


What’s the difference between the regular vinyl & the picture disc vinyl?


Got my Trial and Error deck a while ago.


The three newer decks just arrived (I know they have names but I can’t remember them off the top of my head)

I didn’t realize they would be numbered, I’m almost positive the first deck wasn’t numbered

The red deck also has like cracks or something on it. It’s not something I can feel by running my finger over them, so it must have been like that in production. Before this year I’ve never owned a skate deck so it might be normal

Going back to picture discs, they are records that have the art printed directly on them instead of having a sleeve with the art

Mike's "Post Traumatic", Album Out Now!

That crack!! Ouch! That really sucks. I didn’t know these decks were going to be numbered either becuz the first one wasn’t. I only have these & the ATS deck. Happy I got the whole set!


Our numbers were pretty close together. I’ve only got the four Mike decks and a Hybrid Theory one, I still need to get the A Thousand Suns one if it is still for sale.

I took a closer look at my red deck and it seems to be more scratches on the art than a crack. If they weren’t numbered and limited I’d consider maybe contacting the store support, but I don’t think feel it’s worth it. I really wish they’d package these a bit safer, I don’t know if it happened in shipping, but there was basically only a layer of bubble wrap around them


The decks look amazing! I wish I knew he was going to put the set up for sale before getting the Trial and Error one.

Mine has a a couple of scratches on the blue side as well. I’m pretty sure they happened during delivery here cause the box was opened when I received it.

Still need to figure out a way to put it on the wall. For now it’s like this


My kids have currently taken over what was my man cave. Otherwise these decks would be on my wall. But check out Amazon for ideas / products to hang these. Here’s a sweet one:


Thanks, problem is, I can’t drill holes in the wall.


Ah…maybe a ground standing display would be your best option.


Our numbers are close! I ordered mine pretty early in the release too. Unfortunately I didn’t get the signed ATS deck so I had to settle for the non-signed one. I didn’t really get serious with collecting until a year or two ago so all these things I missed or couldn’t afford I’m trying to catch up on.


I don’t know if they needed to be drilled, but when buying those three decks, I saw there are wall mounts for sale on Mike’s site now


Wall mounts for sale on Mike’s site?


Yeah, saw them after I purchased my deck. It must have been an extra add on after he put the decks up.


Maybe you could try automotive 2 sided tape? Not necessarily automotive, I just mean a high rating one that can hold decent weight
A deck shouldn’t weight a whole lot so it should be manageable and something so eye catching should be at eye level not on floor lol :grin:


Could work, I’ll have a look, thanks!
I checked online and someone suggested a command hook with a fishing line (cause it’s invisible and strong).


@evooba , I’ve been thinking a bit more about shelf design ideas for your boards since yesterday evening. Drummed up a rough design of something that doesn’t involve drilling the wall. My only concerns with this design are the possible weight of the whole thing when it’s fully loaded, actually building it (I think the boards will need extra holes drilled into them) and if this sort of style is your thing.

Since I don’t have all the info I’ve made a few assumptions.

(All dimensions in mm)

-Cube exterior dimensions: 300 x 300 x 200
-Cube wall thickness: 15
-Skate deck dimensions: 808 x 210 x 10 (I saw the the board was 8.25" wide on the MS shop site, I reckon the length and width are on point, but I estimated the thickness).

Otherwise this is what I’ve come up with (the various parts are coloured differently so that you can distinguish between them).

The main dimensions:

-Height (not including cubes): 810
-Width (between the outside faces of the beige beams): 600
-Depth (between the front of the cube and face of the wall): 330
-Height between top face of shelf and bottom face of the one above it: 190

I’ve got a more compact design too that I should have done at some point tomorrow. This sort of thing isn’t my strong-point, so perhaps @framos1792 or someone else can suggest improvements.