Linkin Park collectors V2.0

  1. You are crazy.
  2. This is amazing.
  3. Thank you.
  4. Again, you’re crazy for bothering with all this. Wow!


Actually I’m knocking out 2 birds with 1 stone. My CAD skills need some polishing, I started drawing a basic 2D diagram on paper, but it became a mess to understand. :joy:


I realised today was Mon and not Sun and I have uni, so here’s that other design now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using the same assumptions as before about the cubes and the deck. In case it wasn’t clear in the last models, the grey cubes represent your white cubes and the white slab represents your bedroom wall. This design is more compact than the other because each shelf doesn’t have an offset from the one below it. I wasn’t sure about the rigidity of this one so I added support beams where I thought they would be good, as well as a base plate to be weighed down by the cubes.

(wall removed so you can see the back).

The main dimensions:

-Height (from bottom face of base plate to top face of beige beam): 1450
-Width (it’s widest at the base plate): 900
-Depth (it’s deepest at the base plate): 250
-Height between shelves (hasn’t changed from before): 190

Here’s a comparison between the two, I’ve added the extra layer of cubes on the first one (one of the beige diagonals has changed colour, I can’t seem to change it back without a lot of work):

Again, these in all likelihood will need improvements, they’re just rough designs. If you need any of the more specific dimensions, just ask.


I like the minimalistic approach much better
Or your compact design I mean :slightly_smiling_face:
Soon as I saw the first, the empty space in back and offset stuck out to me as unnecessary, kind of thinking it makes it bulkier for something that probably should be as minimalist as possible so that the decks stand out the most
I also thought that if she were to want to construct it, vertical/horizontal building materials would be much more feasible…

Once I saw you doing this I started thinking about like…tongue and groove type of construction? PVC piping spray painted to taste? I have no clue what your style is Eva :sweat_smile:

I also was wondering whether they’re meant to be displayed upright? I never really paid attention to them since I was uninterested at the time on the shop but yeah…
probably a stupid question, but are you prohibited from hanging things from the ceiling @evooba? :sweat_smile: I’d find it cool to hang them at different levels on platforms or in a similar shelf style tiers
Idk, just throwing stuff out in case you don’t want to go building furniture flat out :sweat_smile:

Ps-cad skills are on point bro!


I put that in there to counter any balancing issues once it’s loaded.

That was my main concern with the first one, you’d need to get the angles on the diagonals exactly right. With the other one it’s just the mounting wedges / chocks which are far easier.

The PVC is an interesting idea, though my concerns would be balance and rigidity. The ridigity would be easier to counter with cross pipes and what not, but the balance would need supports on the front since the frame will weigh next to nothing.

As I understood it, she wants to use the decks as shelves and put things on them, the purple ‘shelves’ in the models are supposed to represent the decks (in approx size).

That’s also a cool idea, but you’d need some hardcore screws for the ceiling, and you have to bear in mind, British houses are built like sheds, I don’t know how much weight the ceiling can take before it comes down. :joy: You’d also have to immobilise them to stop them from swinging and twisting.

I might try and mock up some kind of pipe frame design when I get back from uni today. I’m liking how we’re turning this almost into a project when @evooba just asked for rough ideas LMAO. :joy:


@the_termin8r @framos1792 you two are crazy! Putting so much effort into this, thank you again!

Since I can’t drill the wall, I assume I can’t drill ceiling either lol. Plus, the swinging would be an issue (I do keep my window open almost 24/7 too).


It’s an interesting challenge, I’ll set about doing the pipe frame design in a bit, no idea how it will turn out.


Oooooh! I didn’t catch the part about the decks being the actual shelves, that’s awesome! :star_struck: I thought it was like a display case of sorts

Lmao I hope you’re exaggerating on the build quality :joy: the swinging would be minimized by the weight itself but yeah…it would be dicey if you’ve got important stuff on there lol

And in regards to the pipe frame design, I would say right away that the base could be filled with sand to counterweigh,
since pvc is so cheap and easy to work with, you can make multiple ribs on the base(a larger diameter pipe if needed as well) in order for it to not tip over

It’ll be fun to see your design!
Learn revit bro! It’s brilliant :grin: it’s got a lego feel to it since a lot of the stuff is already modeled out

Like rob said, this is actually pretty interesting and fun :upside_down_face: it’s simple too so nothing complicated and well, if we don’t enjoy this-we’re probably going into the wrong jobs :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think she posted about it, she told me the other evening when we met up.

Seriously, houses here are built like shit, I don’t know the actual tolerances, but I wouldn’t push it past 3kg on a vertical ceiling-screw.

That’s a good idea. Or we could build a base that’s something like a rollcage for the cubes, so they hold it in place.

I just need to find a way to make multiple-way pipe junctions in Fusion360. Currently doing a bit of digging into pipe sizes and sand density. I think I’ve got some decent values and my calculations seem on point. With a bit of luck I’ll have a V1 pipe frame in a couple of hours.


As it turns out, working with cylinders is more of a pain than working with cuboids and other such prisms, this might take a little longer than anticipated, I should still have it out tonight though.


What I can tell you over the years, any shelf you design and make or just buy gets too small for the amount of stuff that’s collected :stuck_out_tongue: @the_termin8r The need to expand appears sooner than you think hah although your design looks cool! :slight_smile:


Right, I’ve finally finished the pipe frame design, sorry about the delay. :sweat_smile: It took this long because I wanted to do it properly using actual pipes and not solid shapes in the software. Although this design is far easier to build in real life, I’m not sure how good it will look. And I still have my doubts about the physical build-quality.

Things to note with this one:

  • I’m using the same cube and deck assumptions as usual
  • The slots in the side pipes will actually be higher on the real thing since the boards have kick-up at either end, I didn’t know how much said kick-up is, so I left them flat.
  • The boards are interchangable since they only slide into place
  • It can be shrunk down by removing the outer most vertical pipes
  • I used 1746 Kg/m^3 as the average density of sand (calculated from this post by Kurt Heckman: )
  • I made an educated estimate for the sizes of the pipe junctions

Here it is:

(Wall removed):

The main dimensions:

-Height (highest at edges of frame): 1274.8
-Width (widest at edges of frame): 1579.6
-Depth (deepest at edges of frame): 372.2
-Pipe used: PVC - PN16
-Pipe outer diameter: 50
-Pipe inner diameter: 42.6
-Sand capacity of base: 7.69 L / 13.43 Kg (if my calculations are correct).
-Distance between shelves: 190 (same as the others).

Compared to the other ones:

Personally, this is my least fav of the designs, looks the crudest and is the biggest, however it is the easiest to build (perhaps one of your main concerns @evooba). Is this the sort of thing you had in mind @framos1792?


Weeeeellllll I imagined it having a much smaller footprint but yeah
I agree it’s not very elegant, I take it the 5 boxes are required? I assume you’re staying away from keeping similar dimensions as the others because of the lack of rigidity?
I would do away with the four outer tubes if it were me and would leave the shelves themselves with the lower boxes framed in pvc :thinking: do away with the he top portion… or raise two of them and have the boxes on each corner? Idk that would just be aesthetic stuff to mess with


Yeah, I made the base bigger for the sand, the cubes don’t have to be there. I’ll try shrink it down when I get home from uni this evening.


This is incredible! I don’t know when/if I’m actually going to build the shelves but the ideas are amazing! I appreciate it!


I just got home, I’ll set about shrinking down the V3 shelf in ~30 mins. Hopefully I can get it done by midnight at the latest.


Just finished the redesign. Before I start posting about it though, I’d like to say that I made a slight error with the depth dimension of the last one, I accidnetally wrote 327.2 instead of 372.2, that means the sand calculations were slightly off, that has been fixed now and all is as it should be.

I’ve shrunk the width of this one by a fair bit, but it also means that there is less space for sand in the base, everything else about it is the same as the previous one. I still don’t think it looks that good (though that’s not really for me to decide), and I still have my doubts as to how good the physical build-quality will be.

(Wall removed):

The main dimensions (all but the width and sand are the same as the last one) :

-Height (highest at edges of frame): 1274.8
-Width (widest at edges of frame): 865.4
-Depth (deepest at edges of frame): 372.2
-Pipe used: PVC - PN16
-Pipe outer diameter: 50
-Pipe inner diameter: 42.6
-Sand capacity of base: 4.6 L / 8.03 Kg (if my calculations are correct).
-Distance between shelves: 190 (same as the others).

Comparison to the others:

@framos1792 , thoughts about this version?
@evooba, I should have asked this ages ago, but is there anything specific you want in terms of design (material, style, features, etc…)? And out of curiosity, what are the actual exterior dimensions of the cubes?


New items up on the Shinoda store, thought for sure we were getting more decks. My wallet can’t take much more lol


Don’t worry about it :slight_smile: My space is a bit limited anyway. As of right now, what would probably fit best is 3rd design.


Are you sure you mean the 3rd? That’s the biggest (widest) one.