Linkin Park collectors V2.0


I mean this one. Looks small :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, yeah, that’s the second one, they’re in reverse order in that model. :stuck_out_tongue:


See, not a lot of space… I don’t want to clutter my room too much
(The wall the cubes are leaning against is 1.49m in width, cubes are 40x40x25)

And yes this is a horrible picture :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh wow, I didn’t expect to be within 100mm and 50mm with my estimate. So then the actual width of the second one will be 1200 not 900. Which should be fine. I’ll readjust the second design tomorrow after uni.


That’s the skate deck, not sure about dimensions. It’s just an ordinary skateboard…


For those estimates I looked on the MS shop site, it claimed an 8.25" width, did a bit more digging, the standard length for an 8.25" is 808mm. Not sure about the thickness though, that’s the dimention you’d need to measure if/when you go to build it as it will dictate how much space you get between shelves.


So I was trying to figure out a way to hang my decks also. I wasn’t feeling the ones they sold on the Shinoda store so I wanted to try the hooks & fishing line. That was a fail! The fishing line kept coming untied so I came up with this idea messing around with my ATS deck


That’s good, but the hooks can’t take the weight of a loaded shelf unfortunately.


Looks good! Are the hooks drilled in the wall though?


They look like adhesive hooks, like for a kitchen towel.


I love to see these shelf designs, all of them, your effort and it’s only incredible and shows what a great friend you are!!! Awesome Rob @the_termin8r - besides your talent in building stuff- they look really cool :star_struck:


I’ll start modelling the second one with the correct dimensions when I finish my food.


No, these are those 3M adhesive hooks. It’s holding up surprisingly well


If the bottom does end up falling off since that’s where all the weight is (though I doubt it will) you can add two hooks at the bottom at each ‘corner’ of the board and keep the one at the top. However you won’t be able to slide the board out without taking one of the hooks off.


@evooba , this is what the second design would look like with the actual cube dimensions. I’ve made a couple of improvements over the original and still have a few dimensions assumed, but they shouldn’t make too big a difference.

The diagonal supports should be an even thickness throughout their length, but in the model they seem to be thinner at one end, that’s a mistake on my part trying to take a shortcut in the software, it’s an easy problem to solve when building it physically.


  • Cube wall thickness: 15
  • Room wall height: 2500
  • Skate deck thickness: 10 (Same as the other designs, the variation of this will only affect the gap between the shelves by a few mm).


  • Base made thicker from 10 to 15 that way it’s heavier at the bottom and the screws for the main beams have more material to bite into.
  • I’ve added two more diagonal support beams on the back, with these in place I’m not even sure you need the lower ones, but I kept them in, just in case.
  • I’ve tried to make the room wall to scale, so it’s 1490 wide as you said and I estimated the height based on my room. The thickness is arbitrary of course as it doesn’t matter.
  • Shelf distance has increased by 10

(Wall removed):

Main dimensions:

  • Height: 1655
  • Width (widest at the base): 1200
  • Depth (deepest at the base): 300
  • Height between shelves: 200

Comparison to the original:

The original is the one with the black wall and made the wall to the actual size so that you can get an idea of the size difference relative to the wall as well. They differences aren’t too big.

(Walls removed):

Dimension differences:

  • Height: 205
  • Width: 300
  • Depth: 50
  • Height between shelves: 10

Compared to all the other designs:


Looks really cool- I like the higher one really :blush:


The higher one is the one with the real dimensions, the other one was an estimate based on my educated assumptions.


That’s amazing! I might build it one day, if I manage to collect enough skateboards :stuck_out_tongue:


How many do you have planned and are they all LP / FM / MS ones?


4-5 I guess. No, wait! Did you think I was planning on using Mike’s piece of art as a shelf? Nope… just old skatedecks if I can find enough.