Linkin Park collectors V2.0


Yes…ummm…no. :joy:

I’ve been working with the dimensions for Mike’s board this whole time thinking you would be using it. LMAO


My miscalculation with the support beam thicknesses was annoying me, so I fixed it. They are now the same thickness throughout their length.


Good news, a friend will lend me an 8.25" (I hate imperial units) deck over the weekend. So, the design will be even more refined by Monday, because I’ll have accurate deck dimensions (or as accurate as I can measure them lol).


Here’s the refined version of the last design with actual 8.25" boards (as accurately as I could model them). I’ve again made changes and improvements since the last version.

  • Cube wall thickness: 15
  • Room wall height: 2500

  • Base made thicker (again) from 15 to 18, this is becauce after some digging, I found that 15 isn’t a standard plywood thickness (which is what I’ve designed the base to be made of), but 18 is. Again, this is better for lowering the centre of gravity and giving the screws more material to bite into.

  • I’ve somehow been a bit of a genius and accidentally lowered the overall height while increasing the distance between the shelves a bit.

  • I should have mentioned this from the very beginning, but the designs do not include screws in the models, this goes for all of them, all the way from the very first one to this one. This doesn’t mean screw-less designs (apart from the pipe frame ones), it means there should be screws in various places, but I’ve omitted them to keep the models clean.

  • If / when you come to build it, instead of using the wooden chocks in the model, you can use brackets. I wanted to use brackets in the design, but none of the sites I dug through would share the more specific dimensions such as hole placement.

  • I’ve modified the design such that the boards mount onto the chocks through the holes intended for the trucks / axles. As a result, the vertical beams’ inner faces are not flush with the inner faces of the top cubes.

Previous version:

Current version:


Here’s the model:

(Wall removed):

Main dimensions:

  • Height: 1598
  • Width (widest at the base): 1200 (same as before)
  • Depth (deepest at the base): 300 (same as before)
  • Height between shelves: 210


To previous version:

(Walls removed):

Dimension differences:

  • Height: -57
  • Width: 0
  • Depth: 0
  • Height between shelves: +10

Compared to all others:

This would be the final version I suppose, unless you want something more / else, @evooba

And sorry for spamming the thread, everyone. :sweat_smile:


Wow you’re an architect! :grin:


Nah, that’s @jrtrussell .


Aye. You know it my man :fist:


Haven’t posted in a while… Just some Joe Hahn love.


What is this and how in hell did you get it?


These were prints Joe released back in 2014 when he made his movie, The Mall. I got mine online when they were released. Pretty sure he did an art show too


I’ve got some other new-ish stuff to show off at some point, but I got some of my Hybrid Theory stuff from the official store today and I’m kinda disappointed in how it arrived

It all looks nice aside from how it was shipped


Contact support and they should figure something out. This is unnacceptable! :confused:


That sucks man. I always get paranoid when shipping stuff also, but this seems a case of “pack that shit quick and get packin on the next one”


I contacted them pretty much right away. This happened with a Mike deck earlier this year and I let it slide. No reply yet


Are your shipments starting from Conyers, GA? I have noticed issues when getting my orders when they are shipped from this location as apposed to CA. Just this week, I was completely missing a long sleeve tee I had ordered along with a few other items that I received. Contacted support 2 days ago and still have heard nothing.


Interesting… all MIUAIG bundles from Mike’s store and the newest LPU stuff are shipping from there and mine have been stuck there for about 2 weeks now. I even had to email them in order for them to actually ship the MIUAIG stuff.


Yes, the MIUAIG stuff was what shipped yesterday. I did not get the long sleeve tee I ordered. I see another shipment from GA is set for the new LP merch that was released. Says I won’t receive it until next Thursday.


The return address for the Linkin Park and Mike store both say Georgia now, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what it was before because I had a package go missing from the Linkin Park store before and had to contact support for that too. I’m not sure about the LPU stuff because I haven’t bought anything from the LPU store recently


LPU is showing an originating location in Tennessee


This seems to be a recurring issue. My LP package arrived with a stamp that said “arrived damaged” but everything inside was fine