Linkin Park Coverart


Let me take the Mike and say, if you’re anything like I am, I try to keep my music library as organized as possible. With that, I need high quality coverart, and sometimes it’s hard to find certain covers, so here are all my Linkin Park related covers, mostly all in 1000x1000.

The cheesy intro is from my challenge today. :yum: I know Mike ≠ mic.

Some of these covers are below my standards, but unfortunately I cannot find any better. Some are also missing, I am in the process of updating my iTunes right now and other will be added eventually.


This is good, but how to I port these into windows media player?


If Windows Media Player hasn’t changed too much in the past few years, right click a song or album, click “Advanced Tag Editor”, go to “Pictures” and add the image. The type can be anything

Also just added some Brand new covers


I realized that C&P works facepalm


I remembered in a video, Mike said to Chester: Don’t Touch The Mike



Thanks! It would be nice to have OML and LPU15 & LPU16 too. :smile:


Use LPLive’s collection, this one is minimal compared to this:

I don’t think I’ve seen a high quality LPU16 cover yet


Is there one for Live in Texas?


This should be it.


How about this?