Linkin Park - Easier to Run (fireplace version)


Brand new cover in an ultimate quality:slight_smile:


Nice! Was out all day and went back home finding this new cover! :sun_with_face: :star2: :smile:
Who’s singing??


The rap has actually been done by myself:)


So you can sing too! :smile: you can do only rap or “normal” sing too?curious… :blush:


Seems like my rap is better than “normal” singing, but it’s a matter of time, I hope :smiley:


Keep practicing! :muscle: you can play an instrument and rap, so you could learn how to sing too… :sun_with_face: :smile:


I hope so:) At early childhood I had 2 otitises in a row, sow it damaged my musical ear :smiley:


Really?are you fine now?seems you can play well… :smile:


Yeah, thanks, many years passed from then. But still for me it’s a little difficult to hear myself. I cannot control the voice fully. But with years it gets better:)


Stay strong! You play very well and I know you can sing too! :muscle: hope to hear you singing soon in another cover! :smile:


Thank you so much!:slight_smile: I cannot promise anything, but I’ll try to think of it:)


Yaay!! Yeah, try it!!I’m sure it’ll be great! :muscle: aaand you’re welcome! :sun_with_face: :hugs:


I agree You still do very well despite that. Keep at it!


Just I’m afraid it is something too usual. Harmonica is more original:)


Oh, thank you:) I try my best:)


You can mix them,like with the rap in this video… anyway your choice…you’re the singer… :smile: try it by yourself and then share when you’re ready… :wink:


Yeah, I also thought about sort of this solution:) Thank you, my friend, I’ll try to create something:)


Yaaay!looking forward to hear your new creation! :blush: :sun_with_face:


Don’t rush so much :smiley:


Haha yeah, no need to hurry… just try and keep practicing… we’ll wait for your next upload… :smile: