Linkin Park Fan Art - Anime/Manga Style


So, in the past little while I’ve been thinking about what I want to do if I get picked for a M&G - I still won’t know for a few weeks, but I thought I’d do this:

I don’t want to just bring a poster or something for the band to sign that I have had nothing to do with. I decided to draw the band in ‘manga’ style or whatever you guys want to call it, and put it onto photo paper for them as a gift, and print it on a T-shirt for myself, for them to sign.

I made a Photobucket album of my progress, and at the time of this post, I’ve only done Chester and Mike; I think Mike looks a lot more like Mike than Chester looks like Chester, but eh, I tried my best. Tomorrow if I have time I think I’ll do Rob on the drums. is the link - Check it out, give me feedback, comments etc!

Thank you guys! :slight_smile:


Its a nice idea girl.
just make sure when you print’m do it on a good paper, so they looks shiny.
the characters looks nice, need maybe some little touches, but over all its nice.
good luck :slight_smile: .


Thank you :slight_smile: Yeah, I’ll touch up all of the characters once I’m finished, the lines are a bit wonky :stuck_out_tongue: