Linkin Park Fan Art - M&G Result


I’m not sure who saw my last topic, but this is the result of the meet and greet on Sunday.

I started this about a month ago, scribbling ideas down on my sketch pad. I eventually put the ideas into action and drew each band member, then scanned the pencil drawing into my computer to color and line in Photoshop.

It took me about 3 or 4 weeks to totally finish, and I’m damn proud of it. This is a scan of the finished SIGNED copy, so the colors are a bit off of what it really looks like.

I also gave the band a copy, and got a few compliments on it at the meet and greet both from other LPUers and the band.

Any positive comments and feedback are welcome!

Thank you!




That looks so nice and pretty :slight_smile: good job!


That is so awesome!!!


Thank you guys :slight_smile: This was the first time I really used my Bamboo Tablet, and for a first time thing I don’t think it’s half bad xD


thats so super cute


Thats really awesome, wish I could do that. But mine would probably end up as stick figures lol


That is really cool Hillarie!


Thats so cool


Thank you guys for all of the positive feedback! (:


Chester is dressing the same outfit then 04 Rock AM Ring. lolz.
Great job :wink:


Thank you!

The original and signed versions are on my deviantART now: click here

The original has all of the color since this one was scanned :slight_smile:


Now THAT is original. :slight_smile:


This is so great! ahh i love it, great job :smiley:




Thank you guys! It means a lot!


Good job!


Thanks, man! (: