Linkin park feat.Eminem on next album


LINKIN PARK first of all i love you guys and if you are reading this (i know you might!) could you please bring in Eminem to feature in one of your songs from the next album like rakim it would be fishing awesome look at the title how awesome does it sound and also it would be awesome for a bonus track featuring Skrlliex

Guys let this post be heard and give your valuable opinions

and Love you guys , loads of love from India


Why people want it so badly? Eminem isn’t amazing or something


I guess it’s a matter of taste? I think it’d be awesome if Eminem and Linkin Park would work together. Or maybe a FM/MM collaboration would be nice. But yeah… We’ll just have to wait and see if it ever will happen?



I’d love them to collaborate, too, but it most likely isn’t going to happen, and if it ever does, I doubt it’ll be on Linkin Park’s album. Like @Gatsie said, a Fort Minor collab is more likely if anything


Mike has actually said that he would like to collaborate with Eminem. But yeah, like the guys said, I also think it’d be a FM related collab…


#yeah, not really nice fluffy.


obvious troll is obvious


I’m looking forward to that! Their collaboration with Jay-Z was a success so I believe this one will be too.


they`ve been out this album.


cant wait to have this album from a friend from UK, collision course with jay-z is the only album i dont have.


go with eminem he is one of the finest raper AND two legend will make masterpiece and i m eagerly waiting for that combination…go for it LP


@Heather_Kayal I’m from India too, and I’d love a collab with Em too. Maybe not Skrillex, the band already has a dj who is lot better than any other EDM DJs. I’d love if they collab with Styles of Beyond too. Waiting for SOB to unite after the hiatus.

Love u FM, SOB and LP
and of course Em